Ann-Marie Kennedy

Senior LecturerAnn-Marie Kennedy

Meremere 335
Internal Phone: 94602


Research Interests

My research interests include macromarketing, social marketing, ethics and sustainability. I often use retail and especially fast fashion as the context for my research. My most recent research focuses on macro-social marketing, social marketing ethics, and also on authentic sustainability as a business strategy.

Recent Publications

  • Kapitan S., Kennedy AM. and Berth N. (2019) Sustainably superior versus greenwasher: A scale measure of B2B sustainability positioning. Industrial Marketing Management 76: 84-97.
  • Kennedy AM. and Santos N. (2019) Social fairness and social marketing: An integrative justice approach to creating an ethical framework for social marketers. Journal of Social Marketing 9(4): 522-539.
  • Kennedy AM., Jones K. and Williams J. (2019) Children as Vulnerable Consumers in Online Environments. Journal of Consumer Affairs
  • Kubacki K., Szablewska N. and Kennedy AM. (2019) Guest editorial. Journal of Social Marketing 9(4): 485-489.
  • Kennedy A. and Lockie M. (2018) New Zealand nation-building with the 'Edmonds cookery book'. New Zealand Sociology 33(1): 75-95.