Andrea Menclova

Associate ProfessorAndrea Menclova

Meremere 427
Internal Phone: 93739


Research Interests

Research interests include health and public economics and applied microeconomics.

Recent Publications

  • Atanda A., Menclova A. and Reed WR. (2018) Is health care infected by Baumol's cost disease? Test of a new model. Health Economics 27(5): 832-849.
  • Clark JE., Das S. and Menclova A. (2017) Evaluating the effectiveness of school funding and targeting different measures of student disadvantage: Evidence from New Zealand. Economic Record 93(303): 576-599.
  • Greenwood SJ. and Menclova AK. (2017) Analysing the extent and effects of occupational regulation in New Zealand. New Zealand Economic Papers 52(1): 21-39.
  • Menclova AK. and Webb RS. (2016) The effects of home heating on asthma: evidence from New Zealand. New Zealand Economic Papers 50(2): 193-211.
  • Schluter PJ., Ahuriri-Driscoll A., Anderson TJ., Beere P., Brown J., Dalrymple-Alford J., David T., Davidson A., Gillon DA. and Hirdes J. (2016) Comprehensive clinical assessment of home-based older persons within New Zealand: an epidemiological profile of a national cross-section. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health 40(4): 349-355.