Steve Pawson

Senior Lecturer
School of Forestry Room 231
Internal Phone: 90492

Brenda Greene

Research Advisor & Operations Support
Internal Phone: 91739

Steve Pawson

Senior Lecturer
School of Forestry Room 231
Internal Phone: 90492

Blair Robertson

Senior Lecturer
Jack Erskine 713
Internal Phone: 92468

Heyang (Thomas) Li

Senior Lecturer
Jack Erskine 720
Internal Phone: 93052

Dr Claudia Meisrimler

Senior Lecturer
Internal Phone: 91019

Volker Nock

Associate Professor
Rutherford Discovery Fellow
Link 306
Internal Phone: 94303

Sascha Mueller

Senior Lecturer
Meremere 306
Internal Phone: 93763

Don Hine

Head of School
Psychology Building 221
Internal Phone: 90179

Clementine Gritti

Jack Erskine 304
Internal Phone: 90523

Dr Chris North

Tumuaki Tuarua Te Kaupeka Oranga
Associate Head Faculty of Health
Rehua 320
Internal Phone: 93436

Ian Dickie

Microbial Ecology
Internal Phone: 92268

Donald Matheson

Elsie Locke Building 602
Internal Phone: 95849

Richard Green

Jack Erskine 245
Internal Phone: 92096

Ashley Garrill

Associate Professor
Julius von Haast 634
Internal Phone: 95173

Daniel Holland

Head of Department
Link Rm 410
Internal Phone: 93785

Bill Heffernan

Senior Research Engineer
Link, room 206
Internal Phone: 95869

Michael Plank

Internal Phone: 92462

Dr Vega Xu

WIDE Trust Lecturer in Geospatial Technologies
Forestry Rm 240A
Internal Phone: 94765

Graeme Woodward

Research Lead
Wireless Research Centre, 51 Creyke Rd - Rm104
Internal Phone: 92390

Varvara Vetrova

Senior Lecturer
Jack Erskine 712
Internal Phone: 92473

Vanessa Bastos

Internal Phone: 91028

Sarah Flanagan

Senior Lecturer
Julius von Haast 520
Internal Phone: 90433

Ali Reza Nazmi

Internal Phone: 91277

Tara Ross

Senior Lecturer Above the Bar
Journalism / Internships Co-ordinator
Elsie Locke Building 603A
Internal Phone: 95846

Ann-Marie Kennedy

Associate Professor
Meremere 229
Internal Phone: 94602

Hazel Chapman

Associate Professor
Evolutionary Ecology
Julius von Haast 335
Internal Phone: 95140

Euan Coutts

West 317
Internal Phone: 90817

Jennifer Brown

Jack Erskine 622
Internal Phone: 95892

Michael Hall

Distinguished Professor
Meremere 221
Internal Phone: 95937

Sally Gaw

Beatrice Tinsley 318
Internal Phone: 95904

Andrew Robinson

Director CEBRA
Statistical and Risk Analysis Problems in Biosecurity

Rebecca Turner

Mathematical Biology

Andrea Grant

Social Scientist

Yiling Sun

Post Doctoral Fellow
Internal Phone: 90542

Ori Ganoni

Internal Phone: 90155

PhD students

  • Michal Bernach (PhD, supervised by Nock/Remus-Emsermann) Using synthetic communities to visualise bacterial plant leaf community development and pathogen invasion processes at the single cell resolution.
  • Sophie Eccersall (PhD, supervised by Meisrimler/Kessans). RPBC scholarship to elucidate P. pluvialis effector proteins.
  • Joanna Green (PhD, supervised by Dickie) Soil legacies of invasive pines.
  • Leslie Mann (PhD, supervised by Pawson) Integrated Pest Management of Eucalyptus paropsine pests.
  • John Ramana (PhD, supervised by Dickie) Arbuscular mycorrhizas as the second genome of plants, includes native and invasive comparisons.
  • Sarah Sale (PhD, supervised by Nock/Garrill) Beyond Myrtle Rust: Insight into the invasive growth of rust fungi.
  • Megan Tan (PhD, supervised by Dickie) Pathogen spillover driven by landscape context.
  • Vanita Thakur (PhD, supervised by Dickie) Bacterial associations of invasive fungi in New Zealand.
  • Ben McEwen (PhD, supervised by Green) Predator audio lures for surveillance and pest control. 
  • Chris Carr (PhD, supervised by Green) Species classification on thermal video using a convolutional recurrent neural network

MSc and BSc(hons) students

  • Aaron Millar (MSc, supervised by Chapman) Understanding what makes an invasive waterway plant such a problem in New Zealand.
  • Alexandra Cox (MSc, Flanagan/Meisrimler) Genome of Phytophora cinnamomic.
  • Leann Vinson (MSc, supervised by Meisrimler/Kessans) pluvialis infection of pine.
  • Gemma Burnside (MProd, supervised by Coutts) Long-life lure dispenser for Department of Conservation traps.
  • Hugh Benson (MSc, supervised by Hine) Using behavourial science principles to prevent the spread of kauri dieback.
  • Sarah Chamberlain (BSc(hons), supervised by Hine). Understanding the barriers and drivers of domestic cat containment in New Zealand owners.
  • Sophie Williamson (MProd, supervised by Coutts) Better trapping through design.
  • Teaghan Mower (MProd (Product Design), supervised by Coutts) Ultraviolet light trap design.
  • Aspen Berry (MStrComm, supervised by Matheson) Understanding values within biosecurity – a myrtle rust case study.
  • William Eason (MStrComm, supervised by Matheson) Analysing MPI’s risk communication with the urban public of New Zealand.
  • Dominic Bain (MPsy supervised by Hine) The role of intuition in biosecurity decision making.

Professional masters (PM) students

Huruka Ichinose, Grey Harris, Cameron Bodger (PMCS Computer Science, supervised by Green) Full stack web application with cloud storage for sea spurge data.