Outreach and resources

We know how important it is to build biosecurity capability through education and real world experience. Below we have collated online biosecurity activities. Most are for primary and secondary teachers and students, but some are useful for landowners and university students. 


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Use the find a pest app to identify plants and animals in New Zealand. 

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Biosecurity activities for primary and secondary schools.

4-6 minute videos about farm biosecurity from Plant Health Australia.

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Use these resources to hone your observations skills. Chewed leaves? Droppings? Be a pest detective! Use a key to id insect pestsTop ten pests we do not want in NZ. How do we control marine pests?

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A free online course about the role of the Department of Conservation in biosecurity. There are examples of pest management, island biosecurity, short audio interviews and videos, a couple of very short quizzes about biosecurity actions and an example of how a pest new to NZ was eradicated.

Mahi Tahi

Test yourself with this online myrtle rust learning module. Use a model to predict where myrtle rust will be found. 

Landcare research profiles its biosecurity work. Biosecurity bonanza videos are 30-40 minutes long and highly technical.

New Lab-on-a-chip Approach towards Ecosystem Resilience to Save Kauri Trees from Dieback

Registered teachers can access this LEARNZ resource on kauri dieback. Researchers with UCBI have developed a micro chip to grow the fungi so that different chemicals to control it can be tested.