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Biosecurity (also called bioprotection, border protection, biohazards and biosafety) is the prevention, surveillance and eradication of harmful species new to New Zealand. 

Biosecurity careers and research are trans-disciplinary. Actions take place pre-border, at the border (air ports, sea ports, mail centres and transitional facilities) and post border.

In New Zealand, the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) leads pre-border and border actions. It prepares National Pest Management Plans and manages a pest hotline and app.

Post border, regional councils aim to eradicate species new to New Zealand that have crossed the border and "total control" pests in regional pst management plans. The Department of Conservation issues permits and manages quarantine access to some offshore islands to protect endangered species. 

Step 1: Find out

Thinking about a biosecurity course but not sure yet? 

These short videos showcase our students, academics and sponsors experiences in 

Woman with weed flowers

Michelle Williamson

Click here to find out how studying a weed for an MSc in biology led to a career in science.

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Undergraduates: Contact students or staff on our teams page.

Post graduates: Find a project and search for "biosecurity" here.  Got something else in mind? Contact any of our staff for an obligation-free chat.

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Aaron Millar

Find out how easy it is to change from a BA to a MSc in biological sciences with a biosecurity focus.

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Undergraduates: We can connect you with sponsors with real world projects that make a positive difference. Check out our e-brochure.

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Leann Vinson

Discover how an interest in plant disease lead to an MSc in biotechnology and beyond.

Step 4: Enrol

Undergraduates: For an introduction to biosecurity, enrol in BEnvSci(hons)BForSci or BSc in biological science.

Doing another degree? Add a biosecurity paper  BIOS201.

Want a biosecurity project? Choose from Mathematics and Statistics DATA201DATA309, Chemical and process engineering ENCH390, Electrical and electronic engineering ENEL400, Software engineering SENG302 ,SENG202, Applied Emersive game Design PROD222, PROD322, Chemical formulation design PROD334, Industrial Product design PROD314, Media and communications COMS207, COMS232 and Journalism COMS331 COMS332.

Post graduates: Honours students, choose a biosecurity project in Computer vision COSC428, Natural Resource Engineering ENCN493, Chemical and process engineering ENCH494, Electrical and electronic engineering ENEL400 or Mechanical engineering (choose your own topic!).

Masters and PhD - Whether your a New Zealander or an international student, enrol and we can help you secure a funded project. 

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Teaghan Mower

Here, a cojoint Bachelors of Product Design and commerce led to a better way to trap insect pests.