Research at BIC

Biological sciences lab

BIC has a diverse research portfolio focused around three broad flagship themes. Our research is multi-disciplinary and highly collaborative. We have had particular success in seeding and developing new ideas, nurturing these to where they can leverage more substantial external funding.

BIC supports a dynamic research environment for staff and students. We invest heavily in hi-tech equipment that brings new and exciting capabilities to advance our research.

Researcher in front of lab equipment

Flagship one - Evolving and engineering biomolecules

Enzyme evolution, RNA (co)evolution, and how evolution can be harnessed to engineer enzymes with novel properties.

volker nock research report nanotechnology

Flagship two - Engineering biotechnology

Rapid prototyping and advanced manufacturing technologies from engineering to solve molecular and cellular life sciences challenges.

Prof Antony Fairbanks

Flagship three - Chemical biology

Involves the application of chemical techniques, tools, and analyses, and often compounds produced through synthetic chemistry.