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PVC – College of ScienceWendy Lawson

Beatrice Tinsley Rm 119
Internal Phone: 94113


Research Interests

My research interests are mainly in glaciology, specifically in contemporary physical glaciological processes, with a timescale of interest focussed on 10-100 years. The key overarching theme of my research is understanding the response of ice masses to changing climatic inputs.

My work covers a wide range of environments, from the mid-latitude temperate glaciology of New Zealand's glaciers, to the polar glaciology of the Antarctic, where I work on outlet glacier behaviour and ice shelf response in the Ross Sea region of Antarctica.

I also have minor research interests in hydrology, especially glacier hydrology, and process and very recent glacial geomorphology.

Recent Publications

  • Purdie H., Anderson B., Mackintosh A. and Lawson W. (2018) Revisiting glaciological measurements on Haupapa/Tasman Glacier, New Zealand, in a contemporary context. Geografiska Annaler, Series A: Physical Geography 100(4): 351-369. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/04353676.2018.1522958.
  • Gillespie MK., Lawson W., Rack W., Anderson B., Blankenship DD., Young DA. and Holt JW. (2017) Geometry and ice dynamics of the Darwin-Hatherton glacial system, Transantarctic Mountains. Journal of Glaciology 63(242): 959-972. http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/jog.2017.60.
  • Riger-Kusk M., Lawson W. and Rack W. (2016) Dynamics of outlet glaciers in the Transantarctic Mountains: A review. Quaternary Science Reviews (in press).
  • Riger-Kusk M., Rack W. and Lawson W. (2016) Characteristics of the Darwin-Hatherton glacial system as determined from ground and airborne geophysical surveys. The Cryosphere (in press).
  • Noonan B., Zawar-Reza P. and Lawson W. (2015) Boundary-layer climate of the Darwin-Hatherton Glacial System, Antarctica: Meso- and synoptic-scale circulations. International Journal of Climatology 35(12): 3608-3623. http://dx.doi.org/10.1002/joc.4235.

Professor Wendy Lawson is responsible for strategic, academic and operational leadership of the College of Science | Te Rāngai Pūtaiao.