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Antony Fairbanks

10 January 2019

A University of Canterbury chemist has won the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry’s prestigious Maurice Wilkins Centre Prize for Excellence in Chemical Science.

Jennifer Crowther

11 December 2018

A University of Canterbury biochemist is creating a way to diagnose the life-threatening condition pre-eclampsia with the potential to save the lives of pregnant women and their babies worldwide.

Jodie Johnston in lab

11 December 2018

A University of Canterbury researcher has been awarded $100,000 to study Staph infection-causing bacteria, in a study that could save lives around the world.

Rachel North

24 September 2018

Postdoctoral fellow Dr Rachel North from UC’s College of Science | Te Rāngai Pūtaiao and Biomolecular Interaction Centre has been awarded $100,000 of funding from the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation (CMRF) to pursue her goal of understanding how Haemophilus influenzae scavenges and utilises a simple sugar (sialic acid).

Ben Houlton

24 September 2018

A University of Canterbury student is developing 3D-printed water filters with potential to improve water quality in developing countries.

Michael Currie/ Ren Dobson

12 June 2018

A high definition image of a protein structure will help drug designers develop products to specifically target pathogens, creating treatments for certain illnesses.

Azadeh Hashemi banner image

12 June 2018

Doctoral student Azadeh Hashemi from UC’s College of Engineering | Te Rāngai Pūkaha and the Biomolecular Interaction Centre is working toward her ultimate goal of helping to replicate cells and regrow lost muscle tissue.


10 May 2018

Two researchers from the University of Canterbury have developed machine-learning software that can predict how dangerous a particular strain of Salmonella will be, according to a paper published in PLOS Genetics this week.


17 January 2018

A new laser detection tool being developed by two University of Canterbury chemistry experts may help farmers to pinpoint environmental problems and develop smart farming strategies to minimise impacts.

Ziqi Yu

29 August 2017

Ziqi Yu has commenced a PhD, co-funded by BIC and AgResearch, on the effect of protein and lipid co-oxidation on food quality. Ziqi is based at AgResearch in Lincoln, working under the supervision of Dr Anita Grosvenor, along with Dr Stefan Clerens and UC’s Dr Grant Pearce.

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