BIC events

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Details on upcoming symposia and other events will be added when they are confirmed. 

2019 MBIE Endeavour round workshop

27 September 2018

We are holding a workshop where you can present and gain feedback on your MBIE Endeavour Research Programme or Smart Idea. 

Each individual/Team will have ten minutes to present your Excellence, Vision Mātauranga and Impact to our mock panel. We will then have some discussion so participants go away with a much clearer idea of how their proposal might be framed to meet MBIE’s requirements and potentially a list of people to talk with – next users, end-users, potential collaborators, and ideas to give effect to Vision Mātauranga.

If you are thinking of applying in the 2019 round, and you would like to participate, please email Rebecca Hurrell. We will have all participants sign a confidentiality statement.

BIC end-of-year symposium

This half-day meeting will bring together leading researchers across a range of BIC themes. The programme will be varied and appeal to a wide range of people. It will also be a fantastic networking opportunity. As speakers are confirmed, we will add them to the website. 

Date: Thursday 13 December 2018

Venue: E5 lecture theatre, Engineering Core, Creyke Road, University of Canterbury

Time: 12.30 – 5.00pm, followed by a BBQ at Ilam Homestead/UC Club, 87 Ilam Road

Registration is free and we welcome anyone who would like to attend. Register for the BIC annual full-day symposium.

BIC Lysosomal Diseases Symposium

Lysosomal storage diseases (LSDs) are a group of more than 50 genetically inherited disorders that affect both adults and children. They are characterised by a deficiency of one or more specific lysosomal enzymes. When these degradative enzymes are missing or non-functioning, compounds that should be degraded build up in the lysosomes leading to physical and/or neurological symptoms. These disorders are classified globally as rare. In New Zealand there are about 200 families affected. There is currently no specific cure, but there are a range of treatments available. What is exciting is the broad range of significant and varied research efforts worldwide. This full-day symposium is a chance to hear about the research efforts from a range of New Zealand and international speakers at the cutting edge of research into these diseases.