About us

Biomolecular breakthrough

The Biomolecular Interaction Centre (BIC) is a multi-disciplinary research centre dedicated to the study of molecular interactions critical to biological function. Understanding these interactions is central to a range of fundamental sciences, new treatments for disease and a wide range of highly functional products.

The Centre was founded in 2007 at the University of Canterbury and includes researchers from UC's Colleges of Science and Engineering and partners with several New Zealand Crown Research Institutes, Universities and Callaghan Innovation. In 2010, BIC received a multi-million dollar investment from the University of Canterbury to become one of two new premier research institutes on campus.

BIC has eleven Principal Investigators – seven based at UC, two at the University of Auckland, one at Victoria University of Wellington and one at University of Otago. There is also a growing national and international network of Associate Investigators. These investigators are supported by experienced postdoctoral fellows and more than 30 postgraduate students researching biomolecular interactions. The biomolecular flagship projects include investigating protein and peptide surface coatings, protein as building blocks and enzyme evolution and design. Together BIC supports a dynamic research environment for both staff and students.

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