Take charge and boost your studies with TextHelp Read&Write

Are you struggling with reading, understanding and remembering your course material? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to balance your studies, completing assignments, preparing for exams and recording references for research projects?

If you need support with your reading, writing and research, you can sign up for TextHelp Read & Write. This support software is free for all UC students to use, and can help you to personalise your learning and get back on track with your studies. It can help you to:

  • Hear words, passages or whole documents read out loud with easy-to-follow dual colour highlighting
  • Check grammar, spelling and pronunciation
  • Use dictionaries to help with definitions of difficult words
  • Highlight and collect text in documents or the web and auto-create bibliographies
  • Convert selected text into an audio file
  • Convert speech into text
  • Remove ads from webpages that can be distracting
  • Build a vocabulary list

Click here to preview Read&Write's floating tool bar!

To access this software from home - install it on your PC, Mac or any other personal device - by simply following these steps:

  1. Make sure you are online
  2. Search in Browser or Click: TextHelp for Education
  3. Scroll down and Click Try Read&Write tab on the Home page
  4. Choose the platform you want (Ex. windows, Mac etc)
  5. Follow prompts
  6. Click on Accept and Install (may take a few minutes)
  7. When asked, choose Sign in with Microsoft
  8. Log in using your UC email (Ex. xxx@uclive.ac.nz &  xxx@pg.canterbury.ac.nz )

For more information, go to TextHelp Video Tours

TextHelp Read&Write training guide

For this and other learning support programs visit Assistive Technology where you will find guides and useful information. For assistance write to assistech@canterbury.ac.nz