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Dick Frizzell - Artist - Bachelor of Fine Arts

Celebrated Kiwi artist, Dick Frizzell, has made a name for himself by taking an anti-establishment approach to his fine art career. Informed by his experience as an ad-man, he exploited commercial techniques as he set out to reflect the culture around him. “I wanted to make a statement about New Zealand with my art. My greatest satisfaction is that I’ve helped shape our culture and made an impact on how people think about being a New Zealander.”

"It's the experience of going through art school that's the amazing thing. I have older friends who talk about getting their BFA. They ask me, “Should I do it”? And I say, “Yes! In five or six years time you won’t know yourself”! A degree is such a valuable thing because it puts you in that hothouse situation."


Hannah Watkinson - square

Hannah Watkinson - Artist - Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (Photography)

Hannah graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours majoring in photography. She also completed two years of the University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship Summer Start Up Programme. After  Hannah founded The Corner Store: a shared studio for fifteen artists with a downstairs cafe in the Christchurch CBD.

The Corner Store was the perfect way for Hannah to turn her passion in art and her vision into a career thanks to skills and opportunities gained during her Fine Arts degree at UC: “It got me thinking about the ways I could use my skills as an artist to work with other people to give them a place to make work.” “And now being a business owner, taking the University's Centre for Entrepreneurship Summer Start Up Programme two years in a row around my post graduate study prepared me to run a gallery.”

Daniel Shaskey square

Daniel Shaskey - Graphic Designer - Bachelor of Fine Arts (Graphic Design)

While studying Daniel completed an internship with Ilam Press, a publishing house operating on campus that have printed a number of award-winning publications.

‘I found this challenging but useful. It allowed me to showcase my work in the real world and make connections to other institutions, such as the Christchurch Art Gallery. I would recommend doing an internship if you know it is something that will be of benefit to the rest of your degree, or your future’.

Relevant qualifications: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts

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