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Ksenia Gnevsheva - Linguistic Scientist - PhD (Linguistics)

Originally from Russia, Ksenia spent a year in the workforce after completing her Arts undergraduate degree before realising that her passion lies with academia and research. ‘That year away from studying showed me that academia is something that I really enjoy. I like the learning, enquiry and growth that it involves,’ she says.

‘I liked the balance between the quality of education and the size of the university. It’s smaller compared to my previous experiences, but it means that the department feels tighter. There’s no clear-cut division between postgraduate students and post-docs or faculty. I loved it that I could just knock on anyone’s office door at any time.’

Aidan - Assistant Language Teacher - Bachelor of Arts (Political Science, Chinese)

Aidan believes that by studying languages at UC, students have access to a range of opportunities that will make their university and life experience even more enriching, and this serves as motivation to become as fluent as possible. ‘Take every opportunity you can to use your language and improve it,’ says Aidan. ‘The key is to enjoy it. You can make friends with the international students here, you can go on exchanges, or make your own overseas experience.’

Maha Saleh square

Maha - Assistant Language Teacher - Bachelor of Arts (Cinema Studies, Chinese)

‘The UCXchange and my year in Waseda, living in Tokyo was the greatest experience of my life so far and all my hard word and sacrifice really paid off. I cannot stress how grateful I am that UC has such a fantastic exchange program with so many highly prestigious and respected global universities,’ she says.

Relevant qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, Postgraduate Diploma in Te Reo Māori, Master of Arts, Master of LinguisticsMaster of Te Reo Māori

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