Social & Community Services

Hannah - Youth Engagement Team Leader - Bachelor of Arts (Geography, Sociology) 

'I work with a small team focused around environmental education. Essentially we're here to connect youth  and school communities with the kaupapa of Environment Canterbury.' ... 'The Bachelor of Arts at University of Canterbury set me up for a life and a way of looking at the world that's really special and unique.'

Olivia LaMontagne square

Olivia - Community Relations Advisor - Master of Social Work (Applied)

‘I have a passion for social justice and I also love working with people from all walks of life. Social Work was appealing to me because I wanted to be able to support people while taking into account the social issues that affect them. Social Work gave me a way to translate my passion for social change into action. It’s an active profession that relies on not only recognising the problems in society, but actually going out and advocating for change.’

Luke Dennison square

Luke - Police Constable - Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)

With an aim to one day join the Police, and wanting to start with a university degree, Luke decided on UC’s Bachelor of Arts to learn more about society and the reasons behind criminal behaviour.

‘Being a Police Officer comes with responsibilities in itself - I have to uphold the law, help, defend and protect others, and attend jobs both good and bad,’ he says. ‘The day-to-day work can be unpredictable, one minute you’re thinking it’s a quiet day then Boom! You’re called to a serious domestic or a crash.'

Relevant qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Work with Honours, Master of Social Work, Master of Social Work (Applied) 

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