Ollie Ritchie - Sports Reporter - Graduate Diploma of Journalism

Ollie Ritchie is a sports reporter with Newshub, Mediaworks NZ. As an all-round sports fan, Ollie’s work as a sports news reporter has been the ultimate way to tie his passions into a career.

‘I love telling stories, and believe everyone has a story to tell,’ he says. ‘As a team we’re responsible for bringing the nation their sports news from here and around the world. I’m constantly chasing up different angles on stories and trying to find different stories from around the country.’ 

Ollie initially completed Media and Political Science undergrad study with Victoria University, before taking on UC’s Journalism programme.

‘It was a mixture of returning home and doing what is regarded by many in the industry as the best Journalism course in the country. I knew I would gain the practical, hands on experience I needed to prepare myself for entering the work force. The way it was structured allowed me to work closely with the Journalism tutors and provided a foundation going forward for everything the job was about to throw at me.'

Katie Kenny square

Katie Kenny - Journalist - Graduate Diploma in Journalism

‘What’s cool about journalism is that it’s essentially a license to ask questions, meet different people, and explore new places… every now and then, I get to do something totally out of the ordinary, like attend a conference in Kathmandu or take a course in New York, or report from Hong Kong.’

Katie currently works for Stuff, New Zealand’s largest news website. Studying a combination of arts and science at Otago University, Katie began writing for student magazines and the local paper, which steered her towards Journalism studies at UC. Katie particularly enjoys how a career in journalism can involve ’breaking national news to planning and executing long-term projects, it’s a varied role which has provided plenty of experience at the forefront of digital reporting.’

Max Towle square

Max Towle - Journalist - Bachelor of Arts (English/History) / Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism

‘During my Journalism degree I got to do work experience at lots of different companies. I went to Radio Live and got to watch Hilary Barry in action. Met the great hosts at Radio Sport. I even loved my time at the humble Timaru Herald.’

Max is currently working as a feature writer for The Wireless at RNZ National producing long-form articles. It was his passion for writing that led him to his post-graduate study in Journalism. What Max loves most about his careers in journalism is ‘there is always scope for creativity, although in my current role, feature writing allows me to really push the envelope.’

Relevant qualifications: Bachelor of Communication,  Bachelor of Arts

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