UC Arts videos

Bachelor of Social and Environmental Sustainability

Josiah talks about the Bachelor of Social and Environmental Sustainability.

Bachelor of Arts - Media and Communication major

Hannah talks about doing majoring in Media and Communication while studying a Bachelor of Arts.

Bachelor of Communication

Anaru talks about the Bachelor of Communication allows him to share indigenous knowledge and views with a wider public.

Bachelor of Communication - Journalism major

Find out about Molly's experience of majoring in Journalism while studying a Bachelor of Communication.

Bachelor of Social Work (Hons)

Liz talks about her experience studying the Bachelor of Social Work with Honours.

Global Societies and Cultures BA specialisation

This exciting specialisation combines in-depth study of a specific culture or cultures, along with its language.

Creative Industries and Contemporary Practice

This BA specialisation combines artistic and business skills for those who want to be part of the creative industry.

Language, Brain and Behaviour

Language, Brain and Behaviour draws on the research strength at the University of Canterbury of collaborative interdisciplinary work in these related fields.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Combine the logical thinking of Philosophy, the technical and analytical skills of Economics with the critical analysis of all things Politics.

International Affairs

Learn to navigate our complex and ever-changing world and understand it from multiple perspectives - politically, economically as well as through a cultural lens.

PACE Internships

Discover the advantages of a PACE internship, and learn about the PACE programme at UC.

Cultural Heritage

This BA Specialisation will give you insights into the key issues, policies and working practices in the field of Cultural Heritage with a focus on Aotearoa New Zealand.

Master of Social Work (Applied)

Kim talks about studying the Master of Social Work (Applied).

Master of European Union Studies

Franzisca talks about her experience of studying a Master of European Union Studies.

Master of Policy and Governance

Alex talks about her journey studying a Master of Policy and Governance at UC.

Master of Policy and Governance

Edze talks about studying the Master of Policy and Governance.

Master of Applied Translation and Interpreting

Find out about the Master of Applied Translation and Interpreting at UC.

Julie - Teaching her passion

Teaching has been a long held passion for Julie. See how UC is helping her share her love for Japanese culture and make it a career.

Matt - UC Music graduate

Matt talks about how his journey was shaped by studying Music at UC.

Hannah - Arts graduate

Find out about how Hannah's BA in Geography and Sociology prepared her for her dream job with Environment Canterbury.

Art History and Theory

Cinema Studies


Creative Industries

Cultural Heritage

Digital Humanities

English / Cultural Studies

European and European Union Studies



International Affairs / Global Societies and Cultures

Languages - Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, French & Spanish

Language, Brain and Behaviour / Linguistics and English Language / Psychology

Māori and Indigenous Studies / Te Reo

Media and Communication


PPE - Philosophy, Political Science & Economics

Society, Diversity, & Change

Sociology and Anthropology