Garrick Cooper

Senior LecturerGarrick Cooper

Ngāti Karaua (Hauraki) / Te Pirirākau (Tauranga Moana)
Programme Co-ordinator
Te Ao Marama 157
Internal Phone: 92088

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I am interested in practices of 'decoloniality' in Aotearoa. This includes understanding the ways in which coloniality reproduces and sustains itself and maintains the interests of dominant groups in society and how we might subvert those processes. To this end, one part of my research project includes using Maori epistemologies (and the philosophical insights that we can draw from these) to critique dominant narratives about Maori (and perhaps "others") and create new pathways forward that transcend the binaries of Europeans and natives, Maori and Pakeha, the oppressor and the oppressed.

Recent Publications

  • Cooper G. (2019) It ain’t where you’re from its where you’re at - a kura hidden by mua and muri. Christchurch, New Zealand: NZARE Maori Educational Research Symposium, 18 Nov-20 Dec 2019.
  • Cooper GW. (2018) Kihai i whakakore i te pō: the night was not eradicated. In
  • Manning RF. and Cooper GW. (2018) Submission to the Māori Affairs Select Committee: The teaching of 'New Zealand Colonial Histories' and More broadly, Māori Histories in New Zealand School Curricula (particularly at secondary school level). New Zealand Parliament, Wellington: Māori Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into the Teaching of New Zealand Colonial Histories, 19 Oct 2018.
  • Cooper GW. (2017) A Conversation with James Tully’s “Deparochializing Political Theory and Beyond”. Journal of World Philosophies 2(1): 156-159.
  • Cooper GW. (2017) The inhumane treatment of refugees on Manus Island is a continuation of Australia's colonial past. [Online newspaper].