Master of Social Work (Applied)


Designed for students with a relevant undergraduate degree, the Master of Social Work (Applied) is offered in a blended learning format.  The MSW (Applied) can be completed full time over two years or part time over up to six.    

To complete a MSW (App)

Year one:

  • SOWK 614 Social Work Theory, Research and Practice
  • SOWK 611 Human Behaviour and Mental Health
  • SOWK 612 Mana Motuhake: A Bicultural Analysis
  • SOWK 615 Principles and Skills
  • SOWK 640 Practice Research for Social Work 

Year two:

Limited entry

Entry to the Master of Social Work (App) is limited to students who have successfully completed an approved undergraduate degree and have been accepted following an interview and selection process.   

The first year of the MSW (App) includes courses in social work theory, research and practice, skills for practice, qualitative and evaluative research methods, mental health, policy and the law and indigenous social work.   The first year social work principles and skills course provides opportunities for students to identify and develop professional interpersonal skills using role play, video and small group discussion.

The final year of the MSW (App) includes two fieldwork practicums, a theory and practice integration course and a significant research project.

More detail including all forms can be found on the MSW course page.