Social Work contacts

Key contacts

Kate van Heugten

Head of Department
Sociology 323
Internal Phone: 94318

Yvonne Crichton-Hill

Senior Lecturer
Social Work Programme Coordinator
Psychology Staff Block 309.2
Internal Phone: 94328

Nikki Evans

Senior Lecturer
Limited Entry Co-ordinator
Geography/Psychology 321
Internal Phone: 95375

Jane Maidment

Professor / HEC Chair
Postgraduate Co-ordinator / MSW (Applied) Co-ordinator
Psychology Staff Block 310.1
Internal Phone: 94518

David Betts

Bachelor of Social Work Co-ordinator
Geography/Psychology 321
Internal Phone: 90140

Denise Forbes

School Administrator
Human Services and Social Work
Geography/Psychology 310
Internal Phone: 94352

Academic staff

Cindy Zeiher

Human Services Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Psychology-Sociology Rm 326
Internal Phone: 94351

Adjunct staff

Ken Daniels

Adjunct Professor