Undergraduate qualifications in Music

Bachelor of Music (MusB)

Compulsory courses

Compulsory core courses in the Bachelor of Music total 120 points – 60 points at 100 level and 60 points at 200 level. These courses include four courses on musical techniques, a course on music technologies, two music history courses and an innovative course on music in the local community:

It is envisaged that students will complete these courses over two years, although some may choose to do one or more of the advancing courses in their first year of study. Some students will have already covered the material in MUSA100, either at school or through external exams. These students will be able to substitute another course from the Music Schedule for MUSA100.

Music specialisations

Students will select one of four majors: Composition, Creative Music Technology, Music Studies, or Performance.

The Performance and Composition Majors are relatively large majors (150 points of required courses) while the Music Studies major is 120 points.

Our Creative Music Technology major is all about creating music using a variety of digital and studio-based music technologies. Creative Music Technology students will study the foundations of acoustics, studio technologies, the latest trends and techniques in digital music making, and learn how to apply these in a creative context.

The Music Studies major allows students who enter the degree planning a performance or composition major to switch majors as late as the end of their second year if they wish. This major offers two pathways at 300 level: a musicology pathway and a community music pathway, which includes the possibility of internships, and a collaborative project. (These courses are also open to students from other majors.)

The requirement for points from the Music Schedule has been kept relatively low, at 240 points, to allow students who wish to do a double degree to benefit from cross-credit between the two degrees. It will also allow students in the Music Studies major to select courses from other degree schedules to complement their music courses.

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Bachelor of Arts in Music

The BA in Music gives you more flexibility to study non-Music subjects. BA students who major in Music can choose from a wide selection of Music courses. The full range of elective courses, including non-major performance, is available to all BA students and students from some other UC degrees.

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