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Studying Percussion at UC

Percussion students at UC School of Music are immersed in holistic performance-focused music education under the guidance of New Zealand’s only full-time University percussion lecturer. This education includes opportunities to  study mallet percussion (marimba, vibraphone, xylophone), orchestral repertoire, drumset, improvisation, hand percussion, and North and South Indian drumming. Students receive an unparalleled level of personal attention and mentorship within the music degree programmes while participating in relevant performance projects.

In addition to a strong focus on percussion ensemble work, percussionists are required to participate in the Performers' Workshop (large, mixed ensemble), and are encouraged to join the Balinese Gamelan Ensemble; Popular Music Workshop (jazz, rock, pop); and/or the UC-CYO Youth Orchestra (for those aged 25 and under). There are ample facilities for music students to practise and rehearse at UC. Most of the percussion preparations occur at 35 Creyke Rd, in Ilam, where multiple rooms are available. Students also have access to practise rooms at the UC Arts Centre Location, where our performance department is based, and many mixed ensemble rehearsals are held. The facility also includes a recently remediated Recital Hall, where students share their work throughout their studies. Click here to see some videos of past performances.

'My approach to teaching is to instigate students towards cultivating an expansive musical perspective, which is both personally meaningful and applicable to their lives. I am committed to providing careful, rigorous instruction to each individual student, giving him or her the attention they need to become competent well-rounded musicians and listeners. I seek to instruct and inspire students to develop sharp, well-tuned ears, excellent technique, and a love for a broad range of musical styles. It is my ultimate goal that students will develop a genuine curiosity for the musical and intellectual endeavors they engage with while pursuing their dreams and finding fulfillment in life.'

Read Dr Justin DeHart's full bio on his staff profile page.

Justin DeHart

Senior Lecturer
Performance / Percussion
Fine Arts, Block 2, Room 219; Room 117 UC Arts City Location - 3 Hereford Street
Internal Phone: 95414

UC has a growing number of quality percussion instruments that are made available to the students for practise and performance. Instruments include:

  • YAMAHA fusion drum kit
  • SONOR standard drum kit
  • YAMAHA 5-octave rosewood marimba
  • Adams 5-octave rosewood marimba
  • Adams 4-octave rosewood xylophone
  • Deagan 3-octave xylophone
  • (2) Adams vibraphones
  • Fall Creek glockenspiel
  • (5) YAMAHA hammered copper timpani
  • (2) Premier copper timpani 
  • Adams Philharmonic 1.6 octave tubular chimes 
  • Premiere tubular chimes
  • (8) YAMAHA concert toms
  • YAMAHA concert bass drum
  • Marching bass drum
  • Large tam tam
  • Grover concert snare drum
  • YAMAHA snare drum 
  • Bongos
  • 2 octaves of crotales
  • 1.5 low octaves almglocken
  • North Indian tabla
  • Full Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebyar instrument set
  • Misc. small auxiliary instruments