New Music

New Music means creating new music. It includes contemporary music composition, electroacoustic music, songwriting, beat-making, film music — or new forms and genres that nobody has thought of yet. The only limit is your imagination.

Studying New Music at UC

Students in New Music create their own music in a genre and musical culture of their choosing. The New Music pathway thrives on a diverse range of musical styles, ranging from contemporary concert music to pop and everything in between. Typical New Music students might spend their time writing works for chamber ensemble or orchestra, composing film or video game soundtracks, writing songs, creating electronic soundscape compositions, or producing their next EDM hit.

Our courses provide students with the necessary tools and skills to achieve their creative goals, and a framework for them to nurture their unique musical voice in their chosen genres. Individual classes explore fundamental practical and theoretical approaches to the creation of new music in a variety of musical contexts including (but not limited to) notated music, studio-based music, songwriting, and music for media. In lectures and tutorials students learn compositional best practices, hone their technical skills, and engage with a wide range of historical and cutting-edge repertoire.

Music out loud

Music comes alive when you share it with others, and the School of Music affords plenty of opportunities to do this. Weekly composition workshops provide a platform for readthroughs of your work by students as well as a place to share other work in progress with New Music students and faculty. There are further opportunities to present works in public concerts and masterclasses with visiting artists or composers.

Head of New Music Programme at UC

Reuben de Lautour

Senior Lecturer
Fine Arts, Block 2, Room 218
Internal Phone: 90211

To apply for New Music you need to submit a portfolio of representative compositions. The portfolio can be in the form of scores for chamber or other works for instruments, recordings and / or charts and lyric sheets of songs, or other examples of creative work that explores some other fact of sound or music. If you are interested in applying for New Music but are unsure how to structure your portfolio you can contact the School of Music for advice.

On Monday October 7, 2019, UC School of Music invites you to join our staff and students for a day to experience life as a UC student in New Music. You will get the chance to meet our staff and students, learn about course offerings, ask questions, tour the facilities and join in on our Composition Workshop. In the evening, attend a performance of New Music Central, a weekly concert series of contemporary music, and join our wider community to see what studying New Music is all about.

12.00pm: Meet New Music faculty, presentation & questions

1.00pm: Tour of department 

3.00pm: Meet with new music students at Arts Centre location

3.30pm: Composition workshop

5.00pm: Food, drink & social time*

7.00pm: New Music Central concert*

*Optional additional activities

We’ll provide some food and drink for those that are keen to stay on and socialise before the concert.
If you are interested in attending the New Music open day, please email to register.

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