Am I eligible to enrol?

You must complete an application for entry to the Fine Arts Intermediate Course (form below).


Currently sitting or have one or more NCEA Level 3 Visual Arts subjects: Provide a portfolio of 12 A4, A3, or PDF pages with examples from NCEA Level 3 Visual Arts subjects you are sitting. You may also provide examples of work outside of your examinations subject/s.

Send your portfolio together with the completed School of Fine Arts Intermediate Application Form to the school office no later than November 15.  We welcome applications from October 14 and may be able to advise early applicants of acceptance in November.

One or two NCEA Level 3 Art subjects: Provide a portfolio of 12 A4, A3, or PDF pages with examples from your NCEA Art subjects. You may also provide more recent examples of work and work outside of your examinations subject/s.

No NCEA Level 3 Visual Arts: Provide a portfolio of 12 A4, A3, or PDF pages with examples of your artworks.

Applying for Admission Ad Eundem Statum at entrance level (with equivalent standing): Check your eligibility to enrol, complete an application form with the University Registrar by September 30.

Once approved send a portfolio of 12 A4, A3, or PDF pages with examples of your art works.

Re-admission to the Fine Arts Intermediate Year:  Fulfil all enrolment requirements as for first-time applicant.

Your portfolio

  • The portfolio is your opportunity to demonstrate two important areas. Firstly we need to see the level of your competency and ability in artmaking. Please make sure you include your best work. We also need to see aspects of your methodology to demonstrate how you arrived at your final work. Examples of preliminary sketches are important.
  • We would like to see your work presented to us in the best possible way. We realise it is often impractical to provide us with originals. For that reason we suggest you photograph your work and present digital copies or prints. This can be presented in A4, A3 folder or digital format of 12 pages. You may decide to include a number of works on one page. If you are currently sitting or have NCEA Level 3 Visual Arts subjects you should include work this as part of your portfolio.
  • If you chose to submit a digital portfolio please provide a single file PDF of 12 pages on a USB drive.
  • Your written statement should demonstrate your ability to express in writing a critical understanding of how your work operates, the decisions that determined what you have produced and what you are trying to address through your work. This should be submitted with your portfolio as an A4 sheet.
  • Return of submissions: All costs and risks involved in sending (and returning) submissions to the School of Fine Arts will be the responsibility of the applicant and the university will not be responsible for any damage sustained. Work will be returned in the same packing material in which it is sent.
  • Work will not be returned unless the cost of its return in postage stamps or courier voucher/pack is included with the submission. This requirement is for local, elsewhere in New Zealand and overseas.
  • All work that does not include some form of return postage/courier, will be disposed of after March 31 of the year applied for.
  • For further queries please contact the school office on 03 369 4416 to make an appointment with the first year supervisor.