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The School of Fine Arts provides a range of public spaces for the University of Canterbury to stage a diverse range of arts and cultural programmes through exhibitions, performances and events for the promotion, education and enjoyment of the arts by the university and the wider Canterbury communities.

Ilam Campus Gallery

The Ilam Campus Gallery is open 9am-4pm Monday-Friday and can be found in Block Two, School of Fine Arts.

The Casting Room + Ir2 Gallery

The Casting Room, our student exhibition space, is located in Block Three, School of Fine Arts.

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Current and Upcoming exhibitions

Student Series 2018

The Winter Garden, opens 5pm Tuesday 24 July, runs till 9 August (with performances 5pm-7pm Tuesdays & Thursdays in the gallery)

Fuzzy Match, opens 5pm Tuesday 14 August, runs till 30 August

Best Located: 16 July - 27 July, At various locations on campus (see catalogue for details) and on Instagram (@best_located)

Student series 2018 main image
Image :(far right section): Chris Andrews, (detail)

The Winter Garden: Priscilla Howe, Liam Krijgsman, Charlotte Peters, Alice Bray
The Winter Garden is a multi-media re-presentation of a building that sat at the site of 195-199 Armagh Street and the activities that took place inside over its lifespan. The Winter Garden functioned as a social venue from 1927 through until 1984, often catering to debutante balls, fashion shows, formal dinners and other celebrations. In 1984 the ownership of the building changed hands, and after some time in limbo a part of the building was repurposed as a music venue, the other half demolished, becoming the site of the Trade Union Centre. In the undertaking of this project, the work will address the reproduction of a space we have limited memory or understanding of, creating an anachronistic reimagining of this social and cultural bastion. 

Fuzzy Match: Giselle Fortune, Hannah Phillips
Fuzzy Match is an experiment in collaboration in which Hannah and Giselle negotiate commonalities between their individual art practices while observing processes inherent in their own collaboration. They attempt to lay bare their experience and to acknowledge its nuances: the uncertainties, the fuzzy translation of ideas between different forms and between two people, the gaps, the misunderstandings and the successes.

Best Located: Jamie Teheuheu, Connie Dwyer, Theresa Gimblett, Brandon Clark, Richard Elderton, Min-Young Her, Christian Lamont, Tessa McPhee, Ollie Thompson, Natasha Wilson
Best Located is a satellite exhibition of the 2018 Student Series prompting changes in the perception of Fine Arts in the University of Canterbury (UC) through appropriation of communication vessels and advertising devices.

Visit our archives for images of previous exhibitions from the Ilam Campus Gallery, and The Casting Room + Ir2 galleries. 


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