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The PACE Internship Programme is a Work Integrated Learning programme based in UC’s College of Arts which offers a diverse selection of disciplines and subjects. Our internship students can bring a fresh perspective, new skills and innovative approaches to your workplace or organisation.

Benefit from our interns' expertise

PACE interns can offer expertise in a wide range of areas:

  • Research and analysis
  • Media, communications and social media
  • Writing and research
  • Social and political research
  • Community and social engagement projects
  • Archival and historical documentation
  • Digital humanities

How internships work

Students accepted into PACE internship programmes work for a local business or organisation for 75 or 150 hours in a custom-specified project. 

There are three intakes each year:

  • Semester 1 (February - June)
  • Semester 2 (July - October)
  • Summer (Nov - Dec or Nov - Feb depending on the hours required by the student)

Students typically work for one or two days per week over a 12 week semester period (as mutually agreed). The Summer period is condensed into either a 5-week or 10 week period.

Each internship has measurable milestones and agreed-upon end products. PACE courses also include an academic component, with interns working under the supervision of a specialist from the University. Each internship is fully managed by the College of Arts PACE team.

How you can benefit

Interns can:

  • provide support for your organisation’s current projects,
  • expedite wish-list projects, or
  • do research to support future projects.

We work with businesses, community and voluntary organisations, local and central government, NGOs and cultural and sporting organisations. We can work with you to develop individual internships and facilitate larger group internships for social and community engagement projects. We are also able to arrange other forms of Work Integrated Learning and work experience projects at all levels of expertise.

What you can offer

PACE interns gain valuable work experience, connections, and the opportunity to work on real-world projects and strategic outcomes for businesses and organisations gives them an edge in starting a new career. 

Fill out our short contact form about internship possibilities with your organisation.

The Partnerships Manager can offer further advice and information.