PACE Internship Programme

Professional & Community Engagement

The PACE Internship Programme offers unique Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) courses which allow students to apply what they are learning during their degree to the real world. By completing a PACE Internship at UC, students work on a project with a local business or organisation while also earning academic course credits.

A PACE Internship is an ideal complement to a students core subject and will help them not only develop workplace skills, but also confidence in the applicability of their existing skills and attributes. Classroom work sitting alongside the internship gives students the opportunity to reflect upon their career development objectives.

PACE225: Workplace Skills and Corporate Social Responsbility

For students who would like to develop their skills in a safe, on campus project based environment, PACE225 could be for you. PACE225Workplace Skills and Corporate Social Responsibility is a campus-based course being offered in Semester 1 which provides an opportunity for students to work with a corporation to advance its community engagement objectives. Students work together in small groups to develop workplace skills while also making a difference to a particular community.

“This course just gives you so much in so little time. I felt like I have taken almost every single subject offered at UC in just one class! There is undoubtedly going to be a topic of interest for everyone… You get a bite of everything needed to succeed in a professional environment and helping a business be more community-minded. We had an abundance of amazing guest speakers from lecturers in their fields, business professionals like Sharesies, to local community heroes. I assure you that you will definitely get something out of it, probably the most of any course and that’s a big statement.” – Andrew Moneda

"PACE225 helped me gain a deeper and better understanding of the importance of employability skills. I have developed many transferrable skills such as planning, effective communication, leadership, and self-management."
- Lupepe Saofai

  • Improves employability
  • Put degree work into practice
  • Builds networks
  • Develops industry and business knowledge
  • Develops personal and professional skills

Students from all disciplines can complete a PACE Internship, often as one of the elective courses for your degree or additional course. It is dependent on being able to fit it into your degree plan and your schedule. We recommend you speak with your College Student Advisor to make sure PACE fits in with your study goals.

While internships are not guaranteed, the PACE Office works closely with students to understand their goals and motivations to find the best internship opportunity.

Students who have completed an internship have come from diverse degree backgrounds, including (but not limited to):

  • Media and Communications
  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Geography
  • Sociology
  • Art History
  • Marketing
  • Psychology
  • Languages
  • History
  • Fine Arts
  • Criminal Justice
  • Human Services
  • Philosophy
  • Classics
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Data science

The following are examples of different types of internship roles students have had:

  • Environmental impact projects
  • Research and report writing
  • Marketing strategies
  • Data analysis
  • Policy analysis and writing
  • Social media platform creation
  • Project management
  • Creative Arts administration
  • Event management
  • Content creation eg websites, social media
  • Exhibition curation
  • Translation
  • Coding
  • Community engagement initiatives
  • Urban planning
  • GIS mapping
  • Creative writing

PACE Internships are available semester 1, semester 2 and during summer school each year and are offered at different levels:




Internship hours



Project based

15 points

Based on campus. New in 2021

Semester 1 only


Internship based

15 points

70 hours

Semester 2 and Summer School


Internship based

30 points

140 hours

Semester 1, Semester 2 and Summer School


Internship based

30 points

140 hours

Semester 1 and Semester 2

 Each internship-based course contains three components

  • Internship with a partner organisation or business
  • Workshops with a focus on personal development
  • Assignments

Personal Development covers a variety of topics such as communication skills, teamwork, reflection, uncertainty, goal setting, skills assessment and more. These skills are important in any workplace and offer a chance for students to put these into practice during their internship.

Workplace Skills and Corporate Social Responsibility is a new campus-based course being offered in Semester 1, 2021 which provides an opportunity for students to work with a corporation to advance its community engagement objectives. Students work together in small groups to develop workplace skills while also making a difference to a particular community.

PACE295, PACE395 and PACE495
These courses provide opportunities for students to work as an intern on a bespoke project with a business or other organisation further enhancing their learning through classroom based workshops, related academic assignments and reflective exercises. This combination often leads to increased confidence and understanding of the students own abilities as well as a clearer sense of their career development learning objectives.

PACE Celebrations
Internships can be transformational for both students and partner organisations alike.

Three times a year we celebrate internship success, awarding prizes to those who have recently completed an internship. At the same celebration event, we welcome in the new students and organisations.

PACE courses have been running at UC for over 7 years now. There are many stories of PACE Alumni having gone on to meaningful and interesting careers.

If you are interested in the PACE Internship Programme:

  1. Speak with a Student Advisor to see if PACE can fit into your degree structure - remember, PACE is a UC course
  2. Apply: we recommend applying at least one month prior to the start of each intake. Applications after this date are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  3. The PACE Office will contact you to arrange an informal interview with you
  4. If a suitable internship is found, you will meet with the partner organisation
  5. Enrol in PACE course in myUC

The PACE Internship Programme has three intakes each year and follows the semester dates.

Application Deadlines:

IntakeRecommended Application Deadline
Semester 1 15 January
Semester 2 30 May
Summer 15 October

Please note:

  • Entry into the PACE Internship Programme requires an additional application
  • PACE Internship courses remain subject at all times to the availability of suitable placements and is subject to the final decision of the PACE Office.

Internship Project

 Student background

Partner Organisation

Partner Organisation Description

To create a sustainability proposal for the Foodbank to implement


City Mission 

Supports those in need, regardless of circumstance, from emergency shelter through to education and community support 

  1. To develop a pilot to sustainability gather and share qualitative data 

  2. Archive and list the Christchurch Start newspaper collection

  1. Sociology and anthropology

  2. History


Christchurch City Council 

Local government body for the Christchurch City responsible for the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of its local community 

General exposure to the industry as well as programming, product development and test automation 

Computer Science

Tait Communications

Leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of radio communication equipment 

To research the views of family members of the supported artist and prepare a report based on interviews with various artists, with key themes and recommendations.


Ōtautahi Creative Spaces

Specialist creative wellbeing trust supporting people experiencing mental distress through visual art initiatives.

To assist in expanding on the opportunities of the Waiutuutu Community Garden

Environmental Science


UC Sustainability 

Implementing and promoting sustainable practices within UC and the wider community 

Create an education project about the Russell lupin invasion in braided rivers

Environmental Science


Provides a collaborative platform for environmental innovation and leadership.

To assist in the development of a stakeholder led narrative about the Food Resilience Network


Food Resilience Network

Network of agencies and organisations (with a focus on growing food, distributing food, education and policy) who work together to make good food more accessible to the wider Canterbury Community

Support the marketing initiatives including social media, developing automated customer communications and event management 

Marketing and Psychology 

Christchurch Adventure Park

Adventure park based in the Christchurch Port Hills offering mountain biking, walking trails, zip-lining and a chairlift 

To have an opportunity to watch music therapist and a speech language therapist at work, to learn what is involved in running a non-profit while providing support and assisting choir members.

Community Organising

Cantabrainers Choir

A choir for people with neurological conditions, which blends music therapy and speech language therapy to help the participants to improve their voices and communication skills

Researching specific topic of interest to the local Police district to provide a research report which provides insight into the topic 

Political Science and International Relations 


National policing body working to make safe communities

Assistance with the Plunket Fun Run and promotions as well as the coordination of child led play group



Not-for-profit organisation providing universal access to services for all children and families, seeking to make a difference in a newborn’s first 1000 days

Project management of organisational narratives as well as conducting the interviews with local organisations

Environmental Science / Communications

Environment Canterbury (ECan)

The regional council for the Canterbury region with the purpose to facilitate sustainable development in the Canterbury region.

We currently do not have any upcoming events. 

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