Connect with POLS students

group photo of UC Pols Exec

UC POLS is a non-partisan club for students interested in Political Science and International Relations. Students manage two social media accounts with news, discussions and events of interest to students of politics.

The UC POLS Facebook page aims to educate, enlighten and inform students on all matters political.

UC POLS on Twitter strengthens links between students and keeps you updated.

2021 UC POLS exec

  • President – Pierce Crowley
  • Vice President – Jessica Cobb-Allan
  • Secretary – Cleo Vernon
  • Treasurer – Luke Alderton
  • Editor – Olivia Mercer
  • Design - Milli Goodrich
  • Events – Alice Bevin
  • Social Media & Marketing – Tom Doyle Franklin
  • Undergrad Rep – Yuxiao Du
  • Postgrad Rep - Henry Foubister
  • General Exec: Jade Stamler, Melissa Louise Smith, Liam Quinn

Contact the club through social media or get information from the department administrator, phone 364 2979.