Music Studies

Music is an integral part of all cultures globally. Music Studies allows you to investigate music from social, political and community perspectives, examining the role and importance of music now and through history. It also offers the opportunity to investigate music analytically and in depth.

Music Studies involves investigating music’s place in the local and the international, the historical and the current, musical legacy and new possibilities. Topics include contemporary music, popular music in context, musical philosophy, musics of the world, Western musical heritages, and a major focus is exploring the many facets of music in Aotearoa New Zealand.

All MusB students contribute to community music projects, gain research skills, gain experience in project management, and present seminars. Some students enrolled in Performance or Composition majors choose to switch to a Music Studies major from their second year, as they discover the potential of this study. Music Studies courses on offer include internships, which offer opportunities for greater involvement in local projects.

Our graduates in Music Studies move on to careers in education, music research, media and communication, arts event management, music therapies, and community music leadership. The breadth of understanding you will gain through the degree will provide you with a wide array of skills necessary as a music teacher in schools, music researcher and journalist, festival organiser, arts administrator, and music leader in the community.

For enquiries please contact:

Francis Yapp

Music Studies Lecturer
Fine Arts, Block 2, Room 211

Contact the School of Music for more information on Music Studies at UC.