Viktoria Papp

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Research Interests

My research interests are fourfold. In my dissertation work I investigated how physiology and performance separately feed into the production of speaker gender. To tease these two apart I documented the speech of both transitioning and transitioned female-to-male transgender/transsexual speakers. Also related to physiological issues, one of my forensic speech science research topics centers around mining large databases to estimate speaker biometric information, primarily speaker height, from the acoustic signal.

In my other research project of forensic relevance, I am in the process of building a corpus of speakers under the influence of intoxicants that will hopefully serve as a reference corpus in forensic casework and yield insight into the effects of intoxicants on speech. Currently the database contains heroin speech I collected and analyzed for my MSc at the University of York, and I and my colleagues at the Maastricht Forensic Institute are currently collecting samples of amphetamine speech. Finally, after investigating rhythmicity measures in production and simulation, I am integrating the results with corpus analysis of Hungarian phonotactics and experiments on the perception of speech rhythm.

Recent Publications

  • Dorreen K. and Papp VG. (2017) Bilingual speakers' long-term fundamental frequency distributions as cross-linguistic speaker discriminants. Split, Croatia: Annual Conference of the International Association of Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics (IAFPA 2017), 9-12 Jul 2017.
  • Foster-Cohen S. and Papp VG. (2017) Identifying pragmatic triggers for multi-word expressions in children with complex developmental delays. Lyon, France: 14th International Congress for the Study of Child Language (IASCL 2017), 17-21 Jul 2017.
  • Foster-Cohen S., Papp VG. and van Bysterveldt A. (2017) Vocabulary, pragmatics and the emergence of syntax in young children with language delays. Auckland, New Zealand: Linguistic Society of New Zealand Annual Conference (Language in Society), 21-23 Nov 2017.
  • Hobbs C., Papp VG. and Watson K. (2017) /z/ devoicing(?) in New Zealand English: A comparison of Maori and Pakeha speakers. Auckland, New Zealand: Linguistic Society of New Zealand Annual Conference (Language in Society), 21-23 Nov 2017.
  • Watson KD. and Papp V. (2017) Exploring the Canterbury Earthquakes using automated topic analysis. University of Bristol, UK: iMean, 6-8 Apr 2017.