Where do our graduates work?

Talk with Rosemary Banks (NZ Ambassador to France), Florence Jeanblanc-Risler (French Ambassador to NZ), Michalis Rokas (EU's charge d'affaires in NZ) as part of a National Centre for Research on Europe event. 
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A qualification in European and European Union Studies provides students with increasingly relevant and expanding employment opportunities. Europe is New Zealand's key trade market and Europe is by far the most important financial investor in New Zealand. Increasingly, these economic relationships are with the wider Europe and not just with the UK.

  • Nick Markwell, Senior Policy Officer, Economic Division, NZ MFAT
  • Lucy Cassels (MA), Diplomat, NZ MFAT and NZAID
  • Tamsin Royson (MA), Senior Policy Officer, Europe Division, NZ MFAT
  • Alice Chateau (Hons), French Interior Ministry
  • Richard Thornton (MA), Electoral Commission
  • Ritchie Wards (Hons), Executive Assistant, NZ Parliament
  • Genevieve Taylor (PhD), Advisor, Monitoring and Evaluation at Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA)
  • Tony Harris (Hons), Security Policy Adviser, Australian Embassy, Ankara Security Co-ordinator, Australia's G20 delegation to Turkey
  • Shivani Makwana (MA), Policy Advisor, Ashburton District Council
  • Charlotte McGimpsey (Hons), Assistant Democratic Services Officer, Malvern Hills District, UK
  • Ruth Fisher (PhD), Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Tania Kurbatoff (Hons), UNESCO Programme Officer
  • Melissa Idiens (MA), Antarctica Secretariat
  • Steve Thomas (MA), Maxim Institute
  • Henrietta McNeil (MA), Policy Advisor, Samoa Association of Manufacturers and Exporters, Apia, Samoa
  • Jessica Bain (PhD), Lecturer/MA Programme Director, Leicester University, UK
  • Serena Kelly (PhD), Lecturer/Post-Doctoral Fellow, NCRE, University of Canterbury
  • Lai Suet-Yi (PhD), Post-Doctoral Fellow, Tsinghua University, China
  • Gina Deerness-Plesner (MA) Archivist at Clinique Saint Augustin, France
  • Simon Hollis (Hons), Researcher at Swedish National Defence College, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Olga Gulyaeva (PhD), Post-Doctoral Fellow, NCRE, University of Canterbury
  • Sae Won (PhD) Chung , Research Fellow, EU Centre GSIS Korea University, Seoul, Korea
  • Rosie Tipples (MA), Accountant, Imperial College London, UK
  • Tim Ridley (Hons), CEO, The Coffeesmiths Collective, London, UK
  • Rebecca Morgan (MA), NZ EUCN Project Manager, UC, NZ
  • Simon Consedine (Hons), International arbitration lawyer, Paris, France
  • Canace Wong (Hons), Account Manager, Abchurch Communications, UK
  • Madi Jones (Hons), Zespri International, NZ
  • Hamish Woodside (Hons), QA Engineer, Delib Bristol, UK

Graduates with knowledge of Europe are well placed to work in a range of areas – including state and non-state organizations and government bodies involved with external affairs (e.g. diplomacy, policy analysis, intelligence) and in the non-government/civil society sector dealing with international issues (e.g.as journalists, academics and teachers).

Graduates with knowledge of Europe work in the business sector, tourism, the public sector and in companies where European interests are significant. Recent graduates have been employed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Ministry of Education, research institutes, law firms and as lecturers overseas.

Our graduates pursue a wide range of careers

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