Cultural Studies pathways

We specialise in four strands or pathways of study: Gender and Sexuality, Aotearoa New Zealand Studies, Human-Animal Studies, and Popular and Visual Culture.

Core courses for Gender and Sexuality

Other courses contributing to Gender and Sexuality pathway:

Flexible study options

Pathways of study are groups of courses that help you to build a major or pursue an interest in a particular aspect of a subject. Students can also mix and match contributing courses to suit their interests.

Students majoring in Cultural Studies may also choose not to specialise in a particular pathway of study, instead opting for a more diverse approach to their Cultural Studies degree.

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Annie Potts

Cultural Studies Programme Co-ordinator
Karl Popper 616
Internal Phone: 95536

Philip Armstrong

Honours & Postgraduate Co-ordinator (English)
Karl Popper 606
Internal Phone: 95560