Cultural Studies is offered as a major and a minor in the Bachelor of Arts.

Our core course is CULT202 - Cultural Politics / Cultural Activism, which offers students an excellent grounding in the debates and theories that inform Cultural Studies in the 21st century. It is also an excellent way for students of other disciplines to gain proficiency in a wide variety of the sorts of theories and frameworks that underpin contemporary study in the humanities.

Interdisciplinary teaching

One of Cultural Studies’ great strengths is its interdisciplinarity, and courses from many subjects can contribute to your Cultural Studies major or minor. We offer four specialised pathways: Gender and Sexuality, Aotearoa New Zealand Studies, Popular and Visual Culture, and Human-Animal Studies. You can also opt for a more diverse approach to your degree and construct your own pathway.

Please contact the Cultural Studies Programme Coordinator to find out more about Cultural Studies, or follow the link in the box below to find out more about the courses we offer.