Cultural Studies contacts

Key contacts

Pieta Gray

English, Cultural Studies & Digital Humanities
Karl Popper 501
Internal Phone: 94405

Philip Armstrong

Cultural Studies Programme Co-ordinator
Karl Popper 606
Internal Phone: 95560

Academic staff

Cultural Studies academics are from departments across University of Canterbury

Annie Potts

Karl Popper 616
Internal Phone: 95536

Zhifang Song

Lecturer in Anthropology
Elsie Locke Building 308
Internal Phone: 95568

Barbara Garrie

Senior Lecturer
Head of Department - Art History / Undergraduate Co-ordinator
Karl Popper 505
Internal Phone: 94504

Alan Wright

Senior Lecturer
Karl Popper 509
Internal Phone: 94644

Mary Wiles

Senior Lecturer
Cinema Studies Programme Coordinator
Karl Popper 508A
Internal Phone: 94361

Daniel Bedggood

Head of Department - English / Undergraduate Co-ordinator
Karl Popper 609
Internal Phone: 95537

Erin Harrington

Senior Lecturer
Karl Popper 608
Internal Phone: 94403

Karen Saunders

Karl Popper Rm 610
Internal Phone: 93354

Katie Pickles

Professor (History) / James Cook Research Fellow
Karl Popper 516
Internal Phone: 94531

Phillip Borell

Ngāti Ranginui / Ngāti Tūwharetoa

Lecturer in Te Maori and Maori Performing Arts
Te Ao Marama 162
Internal Phone: 95957

Zita Joyce

Senior Lecturer
Undergraduate / Honours Co-ordinator
Elsie Locke Building 620
Internal Phone: 92061

Amy Fletcher

Associate Professor
Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Elsie Locke Building 610
Internal Phone: 94404

Evgeny Pavlov

Associate Professor
Head of Department of Global, Cultural and Language Studies
Logie 502
Internal Phone: 95190

Maria Perez-Y-Perez

Senior Lecturer
Undergraduate and Honours Coordinator
Elsie Locke Building 314
Internal Phone: 94417

Tiina Vares

Senior Lecturer
Undergraduate Co-ordinator
Elsie Locke Building 319
Internal Phone: 93774

Chia-rong Wu

Senior Lecturer
Programme Co-ordinator - Chinese
Logie 518
Internal Phone: 91035