SSANSE Pop-up Think Tank

Te kuaka marangaranga, kotahi manu i tau ki te tahuna: tau atu, tau ra
The godwit flock has arisen; one bird has come to rest on the beach: others will follow.

Welcome to the SSANSE Project Pop Up Think Tank. The Pop Up Think Tank continues the work of the SSANSE Project by supporting policy-relevant, theoretically-informed research on the defence and foreign policy choices and challenges of small states in the new security environment. We welcome new submissions.  

Editorial Board:
Professor Anne-Marie Brady
Professor Margarete Šešelgytė 
Professor Baldur Thorhallsson
Professor Alan Tidwell

Special Series: Commission for a Post-Covid-19 Future

The SSANSE Project is launching a new preparedness initiative, the Commission for a Post-COVID-19 Future, to provide contestable policy advice to the New Zealand government on options for our foreign, trade and economic policy, which aim to help New Zealand recover from the economic and political damage of the pandemic. Covid-19 is both a political and economic crisis, as well as a health issue. New Zealand, along with other small states, must make major changes to our economic planning, trade, and foreign policy in order to proactively adjust to a post-Covid-19 global order.

Special Series: Commission for a Post-Covid-19 Future

Name Organisation Policy Brief
Anne-Marie Brady University of Canterbury  Brave new world - New Zealand foreign policy in the COVID-19 era
Robert G Patman University of Otago COVID-19 New Zealand and the new geopolitics
Charles Finny Saunders Unsworth Hedging against trade dependency post-COVID-19
Michael Reddell Independent researcher Rebuilding New Zealands shattered economy in a post-COVID world


SSANSE Policy briefs

Name Institute Policy Brief
Professor Anne-Marie Brady University of Canterbury/ Wilson Center/ SSANSE Project Director Looking for points in common while facing up to differences:
 a new model for New Zealand-China relations
China's expanding Antarctic interests: implications for New Zealand
Dr Joe Burton University of Waikato The reform of the UN: the part NZ can play
Professor Natalia Chaban
and Dr Serena Kelly
University of Canterbury

How to communicate New Zealand to global audiences via new media

Dr Simon Chapple Victoria University of Wellington Building democratic resilience
Dr Kate Dewes
and Dr Lyndon Burford
Independent scholars New Zealand and disarmament: what next?
Dr Martin Fisher
and Ben Mathews
University of Canterbury, Ngā Puhi, Tauranga Moana, Ngāti Porou The emerging role of Māori business groups in New Zealand foreign affairs and trade
Dr Beth Greener Massey University NZDF Role in NZ Foreign Policy
Mr Nicky Hager Author Exploring the meanings and possibilities of an independent New Zealand foreign policy
Dr James Headley University of Otago Russia’s Resurgence and New Zealand
Professor Richard Jackson Otago University Imagining nonviolent foreign policy in a violent world
Mr K.C. Jung University of Canterbury New Zealand’s current relations with Korea and further areas for expansion
Dr Jake Lin Victoria University of Wellington Trading with the Great Powers: The limits of New Zealand’s Free Trade Strategy with China
Dr Adrian H. Macey Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand's climate change diplomacy: future plans and challenges
Mr Leonardo Milani Victoria University of Wellington The New Sparta Modelling the Strategic Outcomes of New Zealand’s Cyber-Armament Program 2020-2040
Dr Vickie Miller MFAT New Zealand’s future security
Professor Robert G. Patman University of Otago New Zealand-US relations in the Trump era and beyond
Professor Steve Ratuva University of Canterbury NZ’s aid policy: what could we be doing better?
Dr Jim Rolfe Victoria University of Wellington Should New Zealand and Australia Develop a Closer Strategic Relationship?
Dr Mark G Rolls University of Waikato Strengthening ASEAN Centrality in the Regional Security Architecture in the Face of Major Power Competition
Associate Professor Margarita Šešelgytė Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University, Lithuania/ SSANSE Project Director Small states’ use of the military in foreign policy
Dr Reuben Steff University of Waikato Expanding New Zealand foreign policy and trade beyond traditional partnerships
Professor Baldur Thorhalsson Centre for Small States Studies, University of Iceland/ SSANSE Project Director The small state in the new global order
Professor Alan Tidwell Centre for Australia, NZ, and the Pacific, Georgetown University/ SSANSE Project Director Re-calibrating New Zealand’s Congressional Outreach Strategy in the Days of Trump
New Zealand's Potential in Small State Peacemaking
Dr Vangelis Vitalis MFAT New Zealand's Trade Agenda to 2030
Dr Corey Wallace Free University of Berlin Dealing with a Proactive Japan