Principle Investigator: Annie Potts


Annie has completed a book for the Reaktion Animal Series called Chicken, an illustrated natural and cultural history of Gallus gallus domesticus (pub. 2012).


  • Potts, A.K. and Forgan, S. (2013) 'Chicken Bestiary' in A. Rogers' and L.A. Watson's curated exhibition 'Uncooped: Deconstructing the Domestic Chicken'. National Museum of Animals and Society, Los Angeles, 11 May 2013 onwards (also online permanently). [Text and Charcoal Drawings]. 

Journal articles and chapters in edited books

  • Potts, A. and Armstrong, P. (2013) Picturing Cruelty: Chicken Advocacy and Visual Culture. In F. Probyn-Rapsey and J. Johnston (Ed.), Animal Death: 151-68. Sydney: Sydney University Press. 
  • Potts, A. (2012) The Joy of Chickens. In DeMello, M. (Ed.), Animals and Society: An Introduction to Human-Animal Studies: 56-59. New York: Columbia University Press. 
  • Potts, A. and Haraway, D. (2010) Kiwi chicken advocate talks with Californian dog companion. Feminism & Psychology 20(3): 318-336. (Journal Articles)


  • Potts, A. (2012) From Alectromancy to McNuggets: An Illustrated Cultural History of the Chicken. Sydney University: Animal Death, 12-13 Jun 2012. Invited Keynote. 
  • Potts, A.K. (2012) From reverence to ruination: Representations of Chickens and Poultry Farming in Contemporary and Activist Art. Milwaukee, WI, USA: Nonhuman: Conference of the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts (SLSA), 27-30 Sep 2012. 
  • Potts, A. (2011) Gallus Graphicus: Representations of Chickens in Contemporary and Activist Art. Christchurch, New Zealand: Cultural Animals: A 'Minding Animals' International Pre-Conference Event, 27 Sep 2011. 
  • Potts, A. (2011) With Respect to Chickens. Auckland, New Zealand: 22nd New Zealand Companion Animal Council Conference (NZCAC), 31 Oct-1 Nov 2011. Keynote.


  • Potts, A. (2013) Susan M. Squier's 'Poultry Science/Chicken Culture'. Agricultural History 87(2) Book Review. 
  • Potts, A. (2012) Foreword. In Urban Chicks: Celebrating Backyard Chooks in the City: 5-6. Auckland: Renaissance.