Steve Glassey

  • Chief Executive Officer, Wellington SPCA
  • Fellow, Emergency Planning Society (UK) 
  • Masters in Emergency Management Charles Sturt University
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Emergency Management Massey University
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Public Management Victoria University of Wellington
  • Graduate Certificate in Terrorism, Safety & Security Charles Sturt University

Steve has been the Chief Executive Officer of Wellington SPCA since September 2015. He previously worked for the Wellington SPCA nearly two decades ago as the youngest warranted SPCA Inspector in NZ history; he is now the youngest CEO in their history. He leads a nationally recognised organisation comprising over 50 staff and 1,000 volunteers who care for over 6,000 animals across its Newtown and Waikanae Animal Care Centres. The Wellington SPCA is also home to the Animal Rescue Unit, the country’s first technical animal rescue team, established 20 years ago, which has rescued hundreds of animals from danger including during the Christchurch 2011 earthquake. The Inspectorate also responds to over 900 animal welfare complaints per year and is the only SPCA in New Zealand to provide a private veterinary hospital service to the community. 

Steve's 15 years of commitment to the public safety industry have seen him rise to positions such as: General Manager (Emergency Management & Business Continuity) at New Zealand's largest government department, the Ministry of Social Development; Disaster Management Officer with the United Nations; and Chief Executive of the Emergency Management Academy of New Zealand. In 2008 Steve was awarded the prestigious Certified Emergency Manager (CEM®) credential by the International Association of Emergency Managers. 
His skills and experience in co-ordinating a disaster response are sought-after internationally and he has responded to events such as the Samoan Tsunami (2009), H1N1 Lao PDR (2009), Typhoon Katsana in South East Asia (2009), Christchurch Earthquake (2011) and Super Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines (2013).Steve has additional national qualifications in adult education, business, urban search and rescue, specialist rescue, outdoor recreation, fire rescue services and health and safety. His standing internationally in regard to technical rescue led to his being appointed Associate Lecturer in Technical Rescue for the University of Central Lancashire (UK) in 2013. In 2014, he, along with Constable Geoff Bray, became the first New Zealanders to be awarded the prestigous international Higgins & Langley medal for the development of the Swiftwater Recovery Specialist training programme. He also led the development and teaching of a new series of postgraduate qualifications in emergency management at Massey University, in his former role as Assistant Director (Teaching) at the Joint Centre for Disaster Research. He has delivered emergency management workshops and projects in the United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Australia, Fiji, Samoa, Thailand and the USA, and has assisted with humanitarian aid work in many of these countries. He is the former Chair of the CEM Commissioner for the International Association of Emergency Managers (Oceania-Asia CEM Commission), founding and former Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Search and Rescue and the Honorary Ambassador to New Zealand for Rescue 3 International. He has peer-reviewed manuscripts for the Australasian Journal of Emergency Management, Australasian Journal of Trauma & Disaster Studies, Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, Animals and Journal of Search & Rescue. He is New Zealand's first Fellow of the Emergency Planning Society and an Alumnus of the Asia Pacific Programme for Senior National Security Officers (APPSNO).