Professor Randy Malamud (USA)

Randy Malamud works on cultural representations of animals, with attention to human-animal cultural interactions both sublime and perverse. 

His book Reading Zoos: Representations of Animals and Captivity (1998) illustrates some manifestations of perverse relations, while Poetic Animals and Animal Souls (2003) describes a more sublime mode of aesthetic interaction.

His research is set in the overlapping disciplines of anthrozoology, animal rights. ecocriticism, cultural studies, and literary studies. 

He is editor of the final title in Berg's 6-volume series, A Cultural History of Animals (2008). 

He serves on the editorial boards of Society & Animals and Brill's Human-Animal Studies Book Series, and is also a patron of CAPS, the Captive Animals' Protection Society.

He has collaborated on numerous projects with the European photographer of animals Britta Jaschinski, whose work he venerates.

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