Professor Alphonso Lingis (USA)

Alphonso Lingis is Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Pennsylvania State University. During the 1990s he developed an extensive international reputation as a radical philosopher whose work is situated at the intersection of several disciplinary fields, especially phenomenology, ethics, cultural studies, performance studies and human-animal studies. Among his many books are Deathbound Subjectivity (1989), Foreign Bodies (1994), The Imperative (1998), Dangerous Emotions (1999), Trust (2004), and Body Transformations (2005). Professor Lingis's highly influential work on nonhuman and human animality includes the following essays:

  • "Ecological Consciousness", Discourse 24.2 (Spring 2002), 3-17.
  • "Animal Body, Inhuman Face", in Zoontologies, ed. Cary Wolfe (U. Minnesota P., 2003), 165-82.
  • "Quadrille", in Body Transformations (Routledge, 2005), 21-43.
  • "Avian Intelligence" in Knowing Animals, ed. Laurence Simmons and Philip Armstrong (Brill, 2007), 43-56.