Laura McLauchlan

Laura McLauchlan is a PhD candidate in social anthropology with the Environmental Humanities programme at the University of New South Wales. Her thesis is based on fieldwork with hedgehogs and humans in Bristol (UK) and Wellington (NZ) and is particularly focused on the ways in which various emotions become quarantined within worlds of hedgehog care and culling.  Laura is very interested in umwelt approaches to interspecies relations, particularly with respect to the slippages and mysteries which seem to be an everyday/night part of humans and hedgehogs (and others) living near one another. Perhaps relatedly, she also has become increasingly enchanted by the world of stenches and the various multispecies smell-conversations we may be taking part in unawares.

Laura's previous publications include co-authored articles in New Zealand-based medical anthropology as well as illustrated pieces on hedgehogs and the Canterbury mudfish for the journal brief. She is currently working on a chapter on sharing space with urban hedgehogs for an edited collection on contemporary architecture.