Dr Tobias Linné

Tobias Linné holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and is assistant professor at the Department of Communication and Media, Lund University, Sweden, where he is also serving as director of studies for postgraduate education.

His interest in critical animal studies started with the course Critical Animal Studies: Animals in Society, Culture and the Media, which he developed in collaboration with Helena Pedersen. The course is an undergraduate course integrating critical animal studies research from a range of areas such as sociology, media and communication studies, philosophy, cultural studies, geography, gender studies and critical race studies. The course is the first of its kind at a Swedish university and was in 2012 awarded the Distinguished New Animals and Society Course Award by the Humane Society of the United States and the Animals and Society Institute.

Also in collaboration with Helena Pedersen, Tobias has written a chapter on the course exploring critical animal studies education as theory, politics and practice; this piece appears in John Sorensson (ed.) (2014) Thinking the Unthinkable: New Readings in Critical Animal Studies.

Tobias’ research concerns veganism and animals as food, exploring through theories of media and sociology how animals are made accessible for human consumption. In 2011 he did a research project on the portrayal of animals as food in media debates on climate, ethics and health (funded by the Swedish Academy of Gastronomy). Currently he is working on a project concerned with the agency and voices of animals in the Swedish dairy industry’s communication, analysing how the norms of human-animal relations are established and sustained and how the animals are rhetorically disfigured to mirror and model the goals of their exploiters.

Together with Amelie Björck and Helena Pedersen, Tobias is acting as coordinator for the research group Exploring ‘the Animal Turn’: Changing perspectives on human-animal relations in science, society and culture, which is funded by the Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies at Lund University.The group brings together a multidisciplinary team of researchers devoted to issues such as how our increasing knowledge about the different cultures, biologies and life worlds of animals, and our growing awareness of the complexities of human-animal relations, can be developed and critically analysed in the collective formation of an ethically and environmentally sustainable future. The long-term aim of the group is to establish a broad Swedish platform for research and outreach activities in the area of human-animal studies.

Contact: Tobias.Linne@kom.lu.se