Dr Richard Twine (UK)

Richard Twine is a Senior Research Associate based at the Centre for Economic and Social Aspects of Genomics (Cesagen) funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, and the Department of Sociology, both at Lancaster University, UK.  His interest in a critical animal studies emerged first via his engagement with ecofeminist thought which culminated in a PhD completed in 2001 as well as the now established ecofeminism web-site www.ecofem.orgbegun in 1996. His interest then turned to the genetic sciences inherent to farm animal breeding and especially the turn to molecular knowledge as a potential transformation of animal breeding.  As well as the sociological, economic, environmental and ethical dimensions of animal biotechnology, he retains a strong interest in theorising the eco/feminist concept of intersectionality in posthumanist directions. Taking the critical heritage of sociology seriously he is also concerned with the potential of the discipline to provide reflexive knowledge counter to anthropocentrism and productive to the immense project of constructing a sustainable future.

Selected publications

Twine, R (2010) Animals as Biotechnology - Ethics, Sustainability and Critical Animal Studies London: Earthscan. 

Twine, R (2010) 'Intersectional Disgust? - Animals and (Eco) Feminism' Feminism and Psychology Vol. 20, No.3.

Twine, R (2010) "Genomic Natures read through Posthumanisms" in Nature After the Genome edited by Parry, S. & Dupre, J. Sociological Review Monographs.

Twine, R (2007) 'Thinking Across Species - A Critical Bioethics Approach to Enhancement' Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics Vol.28, No.6, pp. 509-523.

Twine, R (2001) 'Ma(r)king Essence: Ecofeminism and Embodiment' Ethics and the Environment Vol.6, No.2, pp.31-58.