Dr Nicola Taylor (Australia)

(Dr.) Nik Taylor is an internationally recognized critical and public sociologist who has published over 70 articles, books and book chapters. Her research focusses on mechanisms of power and marginalisation expressed in/through human relations with other species and is informed by critical/ intersectional feminism. Nik teaches topics in the sociology program at Flinders University that focus on human-animal violence links; scholar-advocacy; social change, and crime and deviance, particularly domestic violence and animal abuse. You can read more about her work at the Animals in Society Working Group page.

Recent publications

Taylor, N., & Fraser, H. (2018). Rescuing Me, Rescuing You: Companion Animals and Domestic Violence. London. Palgrave

Hamilton, L., & Taylor, N. (2017). Ethnography after Humanism: Power, Politics and Philosophy in Multi-Species Research. London. Palgrave.

Fraser, H., & Taylor, N. (2016). Neoliberalization, Universities and the Public Intellectual: Species, Gender and Class and the Production of Knowledge. London: Palgrave Macmillan UK.

Taylor, N., & Twine, R. (2014) (Eds.). The Rise of Critical Animal Studies: From the Margin to the Centre. London: Routledge.

Book Chapters
Taylor, N., & Fraser, H. (in press). Neoliberalism, the academy and CAS educators: The things we teach are political decisions, So, embrace that, In, A. Trzak, (Ed.) Animal Liberation and Critical Pedagogy. New York. Lantern.

Fraser, H., & Taylor, N. (in press). Women, Madness and Animals, in, L. Gruen and F. Probyn-Rapsey (Eds.) Animaladies.

Taylor, N., & Fraser, H. (2018). Ecofeminist and critical animal studies insights about social change: Species, gender and class, in, C. Morley, P. Ablett, and C. Noble (Eds.) Educating for social change: Critical and Transformative Pedagogies for social work.

Fraser, H., Taylor, N., Morley, C. (2017). Social work and cross-species care: an intersectional perspective on ethics, principles and practices, in, B. Pease et al (Eds.) Critical Ethics of Care in Social Work: Transforming the Politics of Caring. London. Routledge.

Taylor, N., & Fraser, H. (2017). Condoned Animal Abuse in the Slaughterhouse: The Language of Life, the Discourse of Death, in, J.Maher, H. Pierpoint, & P. Beirne (Eds.) The Handbook of Animal Abuse Studies. London. Palgrave.

Riggs, D., Fraser, H., Donovan, C., Taylor, N., & Signal, T. (under review). Experiences of domestic abuse and animal cruelty among people of diverse genders and sexualities: An international Study. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, (submitted May 2017).

Taylor, N., Riggs, D., Donovan, C., Signal, T., Taylor, N., & Fraser, H. (under review). People of diverse genders and sexualities Caring for and protecting animal companions in the context of domestic violence, Gender and Society (submitted June 2017).

Taylor, N., & Fraser, H. (under review). Resisting sexism and speciesism in the social sciences: Using feminist, species-inclusive, visual methods to value the work of women and (other) animals, Gender, Work and Organizations (minor revisions, July 2017).

Riggs, D., Taylor, N., Signal, T., Fraser, H., & Donovan, C. (under review). People of diverse genders and sexualities experience of domestic violence and animal companions: An international Study. Journal of Family Issues (minor revisions, May 2017).

Fraser, H., Taylor, N., & Signal T. (in press). Young people, interspecies empathy and social work: Reflections from an RSPCA (Victoria) Education Program. Aotearoa/New Zealand Social Work Journal (accepted June 2017).