Dr Natalie Lloyd

Dr Natalie Lloyd is in the Department of History at the University of Auckland. Natalie completed her PhD in 2005 at the University of Western Australia, on the early development and imperial connections of Australian Zoological Gardens (1860-1939).  Her research interests include the historical trajectories of human-animal relations as they relate to the development of imperial landscapes and institutions, scientific and agricultural practices in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  Her current post-doctoral project is an investigation of agricultural animals, science, deficiency diseases and landscapes in twentieth century Australia and New Zealand.

Natalie is a founding member of the ‘Animals & Society (Australia) Study Group’ and an advisory board member for H-Animal.  She coordinates the recently formed ‘Environment and Society’ network at the University of Auckland. 

Contact: n.lloyd@auckland.ac.nz

Selected Publications by Natalie Lloyd

2007. “Little Worlds: Zoological Gardens in Australia and their Imperial Connections” in P. Limb, ed., Orb and Sceptre: Studies in British Imperialism and Its Legacies (in press, Melbourne, Monash University ePress).

2007. “‘Something of Interest About Ourselves’: Natural History and the Evolutionary Hierarchy at Taronga Zoological Park”, Society & Animals, Volume 15, No. 1, January 2007.

2006. (with Jane Mulcock), “Human-Animal Studies in Australia: Perspectives from the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences”, Australian Zoologist: Journal of the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales, Volume 33, No. 3, June.

2005. “‘Among Birds and Beasts’: Environmental Reform, Racial Preservation and Australian Progressives at the Zoological Gardens”, in Helen Addison Smith, An Nguyen and Denise Tallis (ed.), New Talents, Journal of Australian Studies, Issue 84.