Dr Lynda Birke

Lynda Birke is a feminist biologist.  Her doctorate is in ethology and she still does some research in animal behaviour and welfare, but she is best known for her work in feminist science studies.  In particular,  she has focused on a range of issues to do with the human/animal relationship, but especially the controversy surrounding animal experimentation;  she is currently doing research on  horse welfare (which Tiger – pictured left with Lynda – approves of),  and cultures of humans/horses.  She has published widely in all these fields. She is an associate editor of Society & Animals and Humanimalia. When not writing about animals she does,  of course,  spend a great deal of time with them;  among other things she (and Tiger among others)  love to jump.

Selected Publications by Lynda Birke

2007. (with Arnold Arluke and Mike Michael), The Sacrifice: How Scientific Experiments Transform Animals and People (Purdue University Press).     

1999. Feminism and the Biological Body (Edinburgh University Press).

1994. Feminism, Animals and Biology (Buckingham:  Open University Press).