Dr Jamie Steer

Dr Jamie Steer recently completed his PhD thesis in Environmental Science at the University of Auckland. The thesis explored understandings of introduced species in New Zealand in the context of biodiversity management, arguing for a more reconciliatory approach to their history and fate in the country. This work is presently being adapted for publication but can be viewed online here

Jamie has an MSc in ecology from Victoria University of Wellington and has published studies on behavioural ecology and bioacoustics. He has worked in a range of different roles in the environmental services industry, including as an ecologist for an environmental design consultancy. He currently works as a Senior Advisor for the Biodiversity Department at Greater Wellington Regional Council. 

For more information and contact details visit his personal LinkedIn profile.

Selected Publications

Jamie Steer, Five Reasons to Love Introduced Species, Biodiversityprofessionals.org .January 22, 2016.

Jamie Steer, 'The Reconciliation of Introduced Species in New Zealand: Understandings from Three 'Exceptional' Case Studies, PhD Thesis, University of Auckland, 2015.