Dr George Jacobs (Singapore)

George Jacobs has a doctorate in Educational Psychology and works in the areas of vegetarian activism, language education and student-centred learning.

He serves as president of Vegetarian Society (Singapore) and as a member of the International Council of the International Vegetarian Union. George edits the newsletter of both those organisations. In education, he has published extensively in the areas of second language education and cooperative learning, and earns his living teaching in those areas.

George co-edited a special issue of Society and Animals on Language and Other Animals. Other relevant topics he has written on include the link between meat and environmental destruction, the intelligence, emotions and personality of nonhuman animals, and the Avian Flu. He also serves as an associate of the Language and Ecology Research Forum and as a convenor of the International Association for Applied Linguistics' Scientific Commission for Language and Ecology.

Selected publications

New Asian Traditions Vegetarian Cookbook , co-authored with Susan Amy and Kiran Narain, published 2005 by SNP, Singapore .

Jacobs, G. M. (2006, June). Bias against other animals: A language awareness issue? Global Issues: Integrating global issues into language teaching (SIG of IATEFL) , 19 , 25-29.

Gilquin, G., & Jacobs, G. M. (2006). Elephants who marry mice are very unusual: The use of the relative pronoun who with nonhuman animals. Society & Animals, 14 (1).

Jacobs, G. M., & Stibbe, A. (Eds.). (2006). Language matters . Special issue. Society & Animals, 14 (1). 

Jacobs, G. M. (2004). Extending the circle of compassion to include nonhuman animals: The case of the use of who as seen in grammars, dictionaries, and style guides. Language & Ecology, 1 (4).

Editor, Vegetarian Society ( Singapore ) electronic newsletter, 2003-; Editor, IVU (International Vegetarian Union) News, 2006