Dr Brette Mizelle

Brett Mizelle is an Associate Professor of History at California State University Long Beach. His work in animal studies began with his Ph.D. dissertation in American Studies at the University of Minnesota, which was entitled "To the Curious: The Cultural Work of Exhibitions of Exotic and Performing Animals in the Early American Republic." He frequently teaches the history of human-animal relationships in his History and American Studies courses and serves as the syllabus exchange editor and co-moderator of the H-Animal listserv  (http://www.h-net.org/~animal/). He is currently working on the manuscript for Pig, his contribution to the Reaktion Books "Animal" series.

Selected Publications by Brett Mizelle

2005. "Contested Exhibitions: The Debate Over Proper Animal Sights in Post-Revolutionary America," Worldviews: Environment, Culture, Religion 9.2: 219-235.

2005. "'I Have Brought my Pig to a Fine Market': Animals, Their Exhibitors, and Market Culture in the Early Republic," in Scott C. Martin, ed.,  Cultural Change and the Market Revolution in America, 1789-1860 (Madison House), 181-216.

2004. "Displaying the Expanding Nation to Itself: The Cultural Work of Public Exhibitions of Western Fauna in Lewis and Clark's Philadelphia," in Robert S. Cox, ed., The Shortest and Most Convenient Route: Lewis and Clark in Context (American Philosophical Society), 215-235.

1999. "'Man Cannot Behold it Without Contemplating Himself': Monkeys, Apes and Human Identity in the Early American Republic," in Explorations in Early American Culture: A Supplemental Issue of Pennsylvania History 66: 144-173.