Dr Arnja Dale

Dr Arnja Dale is a Senior Academic in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare Science at Unitec, where she is the Programme Director of the Certificate in Animal Welfare Investigations and also teaches animal behaviour, animal welfare science and ethics for the Bachelor of Applied Science. She has written and published in the field of animal welfare science, and is currently examining the practical effectiveness of the Animal Welfare Act 1999 (NZ) and the welfare implications and effectiveness of training methods in dogs.  Her background is in the sciences, with a Masters of Science from Edinburgh University and another Masters of Science from Massey University, and she is very familiar with the practical operation of the AWA and has a strong interest in the relationship between science and law.

Selected publications

Dale, A. R. & Waran, N. 2006. Dogs and children – A dangerous mix? Presented to the Urban Animal Management Conference, 2006. Tasmania, Australia.

Waran, N., Best, L, Williams, Salinksy, J., Dale, A., Clarke, N. 2007. A preliminary study of behaviour based indicators of pain in cats. Animal Welfare. 16(s) 105-108.

Williams, V.M., Dale, A., Clarke, N., Garrett, N. 2008. Animal abuse and Family Violence: Survey on the recognition of animal abuse by
veterinarians in New Zealand and their understanding of the correlation between animal abuse and human violence. New Zealand Veterinary Journal 56(1) 21-28.

Codes of Welfare – The Devil in Disguise. In 'Animal Welfare Law in Australasia'. Book release early 2009.

J.K. Walker, A.R. Dale, R.B. D’Eath, F. Wemelsfelder Welfare Assessment in Dogs: Reducing the Invasiveness of Welfare Assessment Methodology through Trial and Validation of a Qualitative Behavioral-Based Approach. Journal Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research.

Contact: adale2@unitec.ac.nz