Dr Anna Samuelsson (Sweden)

Anna Samuelsson has a PhD in sociology with background and interest in museums, history, art, visual and material culture, environment, sustainable development, human-animal relations, intersectional gender perspectives, and nature/culture transgressions. In her thesis In the Theatre of Nature (written in Swedish) she analyzed contemporary exhibitions and IMAX-films in natural history museums in historical context and with cultural- and environmental sociological perspectives (link to the thesis: http://uu.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:172709/FULLTEXT02.pdf). In her postdoctoral project Zoombies and Nature Morte: Bodies in Natural History Museums 1800-2007, she goes back in time and focuses on how human and animal bodies have been displayed. She develops the concept of the 'Zoombie' as a serious wordplay; a combination of Zombie and Zoology, to understand and analyze taxidermy. The project is financed by the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Fund. 

Anna is a member of the HumAnimal Group (http://www.genna.gender.uu.se/themes/animals/) at the Centre for Gender research, Uppsala University, and has arranged the doctoral/master’s courses Representing Animals, Nature and Environment in Visual Culture (2009) and Human-Animal Studies: Representations and Practices (2010) in collaboration with Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development.

As well as teaching on her research in various contexts, Anna also teaches sociology, sustainable development and globalization in the planning program, along with general sociology and theory of science and qualitative methods. In the context of her current project she has been a guest at the Medical Museion at Copenhagen University in 2011/2012, the Centre for Museology at Aarhus University in Spring 2012 and as part of Critical Heritage Studies at Gothenburg University in Autumn 2013.

Email: anna.samuelsson@gender.uu.se