Dr André Krebber (Germany)

André Krebber is a philosophy and cultural studies scholar whose research is located at the intersection of continental philosophy, comparative literature and historical studies. He has a particular interest in critical theory, especially the works of Adorno and Benjamin, and in social theory of the environmental crisis. Animals inhabit a central position in his work as crucial figures of socio-ecological criticism today. In his research on animals he focuses on concepts of animality as well as epistemological questions, and here more specifically on aesthetics and negative dialectics as less or non-anthropocentric approaches to dealing with animals. His doctoral project developed an aesthetic approach to studying animals as a critique of human appropriation of nature, through tracing and contrasting the appearance of animals in works by René Descartes, Hermann Samuel Reimarus and Maria Sibylla Merian. Currently, he is working on a project that attempts to restore historical agency of animals through a critical reading of evolutionary theory since Darwin, as well as on a recovery of Adorno’s and Benjamin’s concept of natural history for animal studies and in the context of the environmental humanities. Additionally, he his collaborating with Yvette Watt, Jeannie Carey and Andrew Gardiner on a project dealing with octopus aesthetics.

André received his PhD in cultural studies in 2015 from the University of Canterbury and is currently (January 2017) a postdoctoral fellow in human-animal studies at the University of Kassel, Germany. A monograph developed from his doctoral thesis as well as a volume on animal biography, co-edited with Mieke Roscher, are forthcoming.

Selected publications
With M. Roscher: “Spuren suchen, Zeichen lesen, Fährten folgen” (“Finding Trails, Reading Signs, Following Tracks”). In Forschungsschwerpunkt “Tier-Mensch-Gesellschaft” (ed.), Den Fährten folgen: Methoden interdisziplinärer Tierforschung, Bielefeld: transcript 2015, pp. 11-27. [In German]

With Z. Chen: “The Materiality of Painting and the Suffering Animal.” In Antennae, 25/Summer 2013, pp. 37–45.

“Anthropocentrism and Reason in Dialectic of Enlightenment: Environmental Crisis and Animal Subject.” In R. Boddice (ed.), Anthropocentrism: Humans, Animals, Environments, Leiden: Brill 2011, pp. 321–339.

With M. Roscher (ed., with introduction): Tiere. In WerkstattGeschichte, 56 (2011). [In German]